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  1. ALL DEPARTMENT PAGES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE The Online Resources Management Division was made aware that our community website encountered some technical difficulties on May 24 during the hours of 3PM and 4PM. With the situation we decided to close the website to perform system maintenance and recover some deleted items. Although we could recover the Recruitment Applications, we could not recover our department information pages. The Online Resources Management Division and department leadership will work on this issue. During the system maintenance we updated our Terms of Service Agreement and our website permissions. If you discover any permissions errors please contact Commander Palmer at Our Mobile Alabama Public Safety System was also involved in the incident. Our MAPPS administrator recovered a back up of a previous version. Some members may need to make a new MAPPS account, so please try that first before contacting the MAPPS administrator if you encounter errors logging in. Commander Palmer, Systems Administrator
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  4. PRESS RELEASE Alabama Law Enforcement Agency State Trooper Killed on Interstate 15 ALEA PUBLIC AFFAIRS DIVISION Assistant Chief Brooklyn Alabama Law Enfocement Ageny - Troop Operations Alabama Law Enforcement Agency (ALEA) has reported that veteran Trooper Dean Shepard was shot and killed last Saturday (January 26, 2019) while responding to a call regarding two men pointing their weapons at passing traffic while they were walking along the interstate. ALEA states that Trooper Shepard's body cam shows him engage two males, both carrying holstered pistols. Trooper Shepard discovered that one of the males had an outstanding warrant and decided to make a lawful arrest. The other male, now identified as 38 year old Chuck Webster of Mobile, Alabama, became irate and began walking away from Trooper Shepard. Trooper Shepard is heard giving verbal commands for Webster to stop walking away from him. At this point Trooper Shepard retrieves his taser and continues issuing verbal commands. Webster quickly unholsters his pistol and shoots Trooper Shepard [pointblank] four to five times. ALEA Commander Tony Heath states, "Trooper Shepard was one of the best Troopers this organization ever had. He was very caring for the safety of others and never had a complaint about his job. The actions of the suspect are angering, and this department will do whatever it takes to find him and see to it that justice is served." Chuck Webster CONSIDERED ARMED AND DANGEROUS PLEASE CONTACT YOUR LOCAL LAW ENFORCEMENT AGENCY IF YOU SEE THIS SUBJECT IMMEDIATELY AND DO NOT APPROACH HIM. RACE White SEX Male HAIR COLOR Black EYE COLOR Brown DATE OF BIRTH 05-08-80 HEIGHT 5'8 ATTACHED: Arrest_Warrant_Webster_chuck
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  11. Official Patrol

    Patrol Briefing: 6:00PM CST Please be in the Patrol Channel by that time. **Note** All event times are in community time which is central standard.
  12. Martin Luther King Jr. Day

    Patrol will be optional on this day. All administrative offices will be closed this day.
  13. GTA MOBILE ALABAMA CLAN Head Administration Team Official Release (Jan 18 2019) Per our long discussion, the Head Administration Team has decided to officially lift the communities “Dual – Clanning Policy”. With that policy being lifted we do expect our members and staff to attend scheduled patrols and community events and as always please keep our "Activity Requirements" in mind. If you have any questions about this policy change please do not hesitate to contact Head Captain Palmer or Commander Tony. Our Activity Requirements: Here at GMAC, we have a basic requirement to ensure all members are active, and to keep our roster up to date by removing inactive members. This will ensure all inactive members can be removed so new, active members can take their place. To be considered active as a member you must: Attend at least two serious patrols per week (7 days) Keep good communication with your supervisor regarding your schedule and any LOA’s or periods of inactivity To be considered active as a staff member or administrator you must: Attend at least two serious patrols per week (7 days) Keep good communication with your supervisor regarding your schedule and any LOA’s or periods of inactivity Be active on TeamSpeak handling your department affairs at least four days per week (7 days)
  14. Internal Affairs Bureau Investigator

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    Contact Internal Affairs Bureau Director Jay
  15. YouTube Content Creator

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    Head Administration Team YouTube Content Creator If you would like to obtain a Community YouTube Contract you must meet all the set requirements documented below. All members who hold a YouTube Contract must abide by and follow all procedures documented below. Any Contract Holder who does not follow the procedures below will have their contract suspended or terminated. Head Administration holds the exclusive rights to terminate or suspend any contract. Requirements for a Community YouTube Contract Must be active within community for 1 month Must be a member of Social Media Team Contract Holders can not be a Cadet or Recruit Must be in good terms with all community administrators Must have more than 10 YouTube Videos on their submitted channel Must have more than 50 YouTube subscribers on their submitted channel Must meet Computer Hardware Standards (Listed Below) Must meet Contract Standards (Listed Below) Computer Hardware Standards for YouTube Contract Must be able to post minimum 1080p/30FPS on YouTube Must have a powerful enough computer to run FiveM at minimum 1080P/30FPS on high settings with no major lag issues Must have a clear sounding microphone Contract Standards for a YouTube Contract and Partnership All YouTube Contract Holders and Community YouTube Partners must follow all standards documented below. Any partner who breaks any of the outlines standards below will have their contract and partnership suspended or terminated. On serious cases you will be terminated from GTA Mobile Alabama Clan. All partners are subject to channel reviews by Head Administration and Internal Affairs Bureau. YouTube Partner should post at least 3 GMAC related videos on their submitted channel YouTube Partner should post at least 2 videos on the GMAC Main Channel Should assist the Social Media Team with Official Recordings for the main channel Must follow all Rules and Regulations of GMAC while recording