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      Welcome to San Andreas Emergency Responders (SAER) formally known as GTA Mobile Alabama Clan (GMAC). While we are in the process of changing to our new name some items within our online presence will still display "GTA Mobile Alabama Clan" instead of "San Andreas Emergency Responders" so please stand by while we complete this process. Our Teamspaek server and Discord are still the same. within the next week or so we will also be changing our website domain from gtamobilealabamaclan.com to saer.com.

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  5. PRESS RELEASE City of Mobile Police Department Cop Killer's House Raided by Police Statement Released By: Captain Eric Read Department Head City of Mobile Police Department eread@gtamobilealabamaclan.com According to witness testimonies and CCTV footage, on June 14, 2019, at approximately 3:45 PM, Senior Police Officer R.J. Milton was conducting routine patrol on Strawberry Avenue when he was caught in a drive-by attack involving three vehicles. The attack was believed to be gang motivated based on a vendetta the gang had from previous encounters where several gang members were arrested by the Mobile Police. According to what we could recover from the officer's dashcam and bodycam footage, it appears Officer Milton was preparing to stop a blue Ford GT when a black muscle car came in from behind and blocked the officer's car in. A third orange sports car then got involved, and the suspects began opening fire with automatic weapons. At 3:46 PM, Officer Milton pressed his panic button as Mobile and Prichard patrol and Jaguar officers began to arrive on scene. The officer was shot 33 times and died in the back of a squad car on the way to the hospital. The case was soon turned over to the department's senior detective, who found more than 100 shell casings of 9x19 Parabellum and .45 ACP variety on the scene, believed to have been shot from Mini Uzi and MAC-10 mini submachine guns. While the officers were investigating the scene, the three assailants returned to the scene, where they exchanged gunfire with Prichard Police and MPD Jaguar officers who overwhelmed them, forcing them to flee the scene. The suspects were not initially pursued due to public safety concerns. According to the overseeing detective, the assailants were "fairly easy to locate" and were "definitely not professionals." After just a half hour of searching the area, MPD officers located one of the suspect vehicles, and over the next two days, MPD detectives and Jaguar officers conducted surveillance on one of the suspects' homes, given to them through a local tip. They confirmed that at least one of the suspects was living at the location. On June 16th, Alabama Judge Juan Sanchez-Rodriguez approved a search warrant on the property, and the next morning, Mobile and Prichard patrolmen and Jaguar officers, led by Jaguar Captain and department Sergeant C. Davis, conducted a raid on the property, where they were involved in a gunfight. All three suspects from the killing of Officer Milton were shot by the Mobile Jaguar team after a long exchange of gunfire and later died on the scene. Three 9mm Mini Uzis, several pistols, and a MAC-10 .45 were recovered at the scene. Two officers suffered minor injuries in the gunfight as a result of shrapnel, but were able to return to patrol the next day as they were carrying riot shields while in the house, and therefore were not seriously injured. According to Captain Read, MPD's department head, "..this encounter shows both the danger and risk involved in being a police officer, but also the strength and efficiency of the Mobile and Prichard police departments." WARNING: THE FOLLOWING CRIME SCENE IMAGES MAY BE DISTURBING. VIEWER DISCRETION IS ADVISED. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Property of the GTA Mobile Alabama Clan, the GMAC Mobile Police Department, and the Public Relations Bureau. ©2019 GTA Mobile Alabama Clan, All Rights Reserved.
  6. ALL DEPARTMENT PAGES ARE CURRENTLY UNAVAILABLE The Online Resources Management Division was made aware that our community website encountered some technical difficulties on May 24 during the hours of 3PM and 4PM. With the situation we decided to close the website to perform system maintenance and recover some deleted items. Although we could recover the Recruitment Applications, we could not recover our department information pages. The Online Resources Management Division and department leadership will work on this issue. During the system maintenance we updated our Terms of Service Agreement and our website permissions. If you discover any permissions errors please contact Commander Palmer at palmer@gtamobilealabamaclan.com Our Mobile Alabama Public Safety System was also involved in the incident. Our MAPPS administrator recovered a back up of a previous version. Some members may need to make a new MAPPS account, so please try that first before contacting the MAPPS administrator if you encounter errors logging in. Commander Palmer, Systems Administrator
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